Ann Petry

The Street

Introduced by Tayari Jones

New York City, 1940s. In a crumbling tenement in Harlem, Lutie Johnson is determined to build a new life for herself and her eight-year-old boy, Bub - a life that she can be proud of. Having left her unreliable husband, Lutie believes that, with hard work and resolve, she can begin again; she has faith in the American dream. But in her struggle to earn money and raise her son amid the violence, poverty and racial dissonance of her surroundings, Lutie is soon ...mehr »


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Ali Smith

The Accidental

'My mother began me one evening in 1968 on a table in the café of the town's only cinema . . .'

One hot summer a stranger arrives at the Norfolk holiday home of the Smart family. Intriguing, beguiling, arresting, Amber brings love, joy, pain and not a little upheaval, throwing the carefully ordered world of the Smarts into the air. They will be forever changed by Amber but how will they know whether it is for the bad, the good or something else entirely?

'Joyous ... ...mehr »


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John Steinbeck

The Grapes of Wrath

A 75th anniversary edition of Steinbeck's undisputed masterpiece, a panoramic vision of the betrayal of the American Dream.

John Steinbeck (1902-68) is remembered as one of the greatest and best-loved American writers of the twentieth century. During the 1930s, his works included The Red Pony, Pastures of Heaven, Tortilla Flat, In Dubious Battle, and Of Mice and Men. The Grapes of Wrath, published in 1939, earned him a Pulitzer Prize. In ...mehr »


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Maya Angelou

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Here is a book as joyous and painful, as mysterious and memorable, as childhood itself. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings captures the longing of lonely children, the brute insult of bigotry, and the wonder of words that can make the world right. Maya Angelou's debut memoir is a modern American classic beloved worldwide.

Sent by their mother to live with their devout, self-sufficient grandmother in a small Southern town, Maya and her brother, Bailey, endure the ache of abandonment and ...mehr »


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Abdulrazak Gurnah


**By the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature 2021**
'A careful and heartfelt exploration of the way memory inevitably consoles and disappoints us' Sunday Times
'Beautifully written and pleasurable ... The work of a maestro' Guardian
'An absorbing novel about abandonment and loss' Daily Telegraph ___________________________________ Early one morning in 1899, in a small town along the coast from Mombasa, Hassanali ...mehr »


EUR 13,40


David Sedaris

A Carnival of Snackery

There's no right way to keep a diary, but if there's an entertaining way, David Sedaris seems to have mastered it. If it's navel-gazing you're after, you've come to the wrong place; ditto treacly self-examination. Rather, his observations turn outward: a fight between two men on a bus, a fight between two men on the street, pedestrians being whacked over the head or gathering to watch as a man considers jumping to his death. There's a dirty joke shared at a book signing, then a dirtier one told ...mehr »


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Pilgrims Way

**By the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature 2021**

A "wonderful" (Maaza Mengiste) depiction of the life of an immigrant as he struggles to come to terms with the ...mehr »


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By the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature 2021 A searing tale of a young woman discovering her troubled family history and cultural past
Dottie Badoura Fatma Balfour finds ...mehr »


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Admiring Silence

**By the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature 2021** 'There is a wonderful sardonic eloquence to this unnamed narrator's voice' Financial Times
'I don't think I've ever read
...mehr »


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Abdulrazak Gurnah

Gravel Heart

By the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature 2021
'The elegance and control of Gurnah's writing, and his understanding of how quietly and slowly and repeatedly a heart can break, make this a deeply rewarding novel' Kamila Shamsie, Guardian For seven-year-old Salim, the pillars upholding his small universe - his indifferent father, his adored uncle, his treasured books, the daily routines of government school and Koran lessons - seem unshakeable. But it is the 1970s, ...mehr »


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Bernardine Evaristo


'Promises to make for one of 2021's must-read memoirs' Stylist

The powerful, urgent manifesto on never giving up from Booker prize-winning trailblazer, Bernardine Evaristo.

In 2019, Bernardine Evaristo became the first black woman to win the Booker Prize since its inception fifty years earlier - a revolutionary landmark for Britain. Her journey was a long one, but she made it, and she made history.

Manifesto is her intimate and fearless account of ...mehr »


EUR 19,10

Alice Walker

The Color Purple

A new edition of this classic, Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.

Alice Walker won the Pulitzer prize and the American Book Award for THE COLOR PURPLE. She is the author of many bestselling novels, essays and collections of poetry including MERIDIAN, BY THE LIGHT OF MY FATHER'S SMILE and THE THIRD LIFE OF GRANGE COPELAND.


Visit Alice Walker's official website at: ...mehr »


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Kent Haruf

Our Souls at Night

'I loved Kent Haruf's small-town love story' David Nicholls

'Many novels have been about the pursuit of happiness, but this one is luminous with its actual presence' Guardian

This is a love story.
A story about growing old with grace.

Addie Moore and Louis Waters have been neighbours for years. Now they both live alone, their houses empty of family, their quiet nights solitary. Then one evening Addie pays Louis a visit.

Their brave adventures form the ...mehr »


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Damon Galgut

The Promise



'A tour de force... A spectacular demonstration of how the novel can make us see and think afresh' Booker Judges, 2021

'A masterpiece - a moving, brilliantly told family epic' Elizabeth Day

Discover the powerful prizewinning story of a family in crisis.

On a farm outside Pretoria, the Swarts are gathering for Ma's funeral. ...mehr »


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George Eliot


Writing at the very moment when the foundations of Western thought were being challenged and undermined, George Eliot fashions in Middlemarch a concept of life and society free of the past's dogma yet able to confront the scepticism that was taking over the age.

David Carroll is Emeritus Professor of English Literature at the University of Lancaster, edited the Clarendon edition of Middlemarch (1986). As well as publishing many articles on George Eliot's fiction, he has written Chinua ...mehr »


EUR 9,30